Dublin is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe having an urban area population of about 1.8 million citizens. It attracts lots of people and businesses from all over the world. Thereby the need for a removal company will arise.

Whether you are moving within the same city or to another city, the process of moving house or office can be a daunting task and can be very stressful. Therefore, choosing the right removal company can make a significant difference. The major goal of anyone moving is to minimize stress, ensure that their possessions are safely and securely moved at a cost effective rate with the almost care. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to choose a good removal company based on the points we will be considering.

  •  Membership to an Association

Belonging to a removal association will signify that they have the professionalism, expertise, training and insurance to carry out their task. They can be a member of the Irish Road Haulage Association, British Association of Removers (BAR), International Association of Movers (IAM), OMNI, to mention but a few.

  •  Get quotes from the removal companies

Ensure that you get at least three quotes from different professional movers. The quotes will vary in prices depending on the services they render, insurance of high value items, distance travelled, amount of goods to be moved etc. Before choosing any one, consider items you want to move, will they require packaging, will the firm be doing the packaging themselves? Some of the firms may request to survey your house or office in order to give an appropriate quote and ensure that they organize enough staff that can move your belongings. Give details of all that you possess to avoid extra costs.

You can negotiate on these quotes to see if you can get any discounts taking into consideration that they have their peak periods especially weekends. It is preferable to arrange your move for a weekday. Ask for the breakdown of the price to enable you negotiate effectively. Doing some of the packing by yourself will save cost.

  •  Insurance

Check with the removal company if they have adequate insurance cover and the time frame for claiming on insurance before selecting any. Check also if your valuable items will be covered by the insurance remembering that items you packed yourself will not be covered by the removal insurance.

If you have your own personal home content insurance, check if your policy will have your possessions covered in the event of a move. This will aid you to negotiate appropriately where you have your own insurance.

  •  Choose professionalism and expertise over cost

Cheap may not always be the best. It is better to choose a removal firm that will offer a high level of care, protecting your valuable items, provide the right materials and advise for any move, all at an extremely competitive price.


After considering the above factors, it is best to choose a removal company recommended by family and friends as you get assurance of their performance. Where this is not possible, go with your instinct but ensure that you have addressed any uncertainty you have and ensure you have a very good rapport with them. A good relationship with them will ensure that your move is smooth and without stress.

5 Challenges in Removals to Europe

House removals are the moving of a house from one locality to a new location. It is a very hard situation as one is usually in a dilemma of leaving their old home and at the same time excited about relocating to a new place and finding new friends. House removal in Europe has various challenges as discussed below.

Need plenty of time

House removal requires plenty of time as one usually has loads of old stuff that require being packed in which at times can be very stressful to the mover. Again carrying these household items is usually tiresome and could be some of these items are fragile and would require specific attention and appropriate personnel should be hired. Moving to the house in Europe is considered very important, and that is why a majority of the people there avoid removals now and then to evade all these stress.

Difficulty in selecting location

Moreover, in Europe, selecting a suitable location is not an easy task. It should be a location neither whereby it is not too far from your workplace nor should it be secluded or insecure. The new locality chosen should be suitable and cater for all your needs. One needs to put into consideration where their employees come from to avoid hiring new ones who may not be trustworthy. With all these crucial ideas about the new locality one is moving to, house removal in Europe becomes a bit hectic and stressful.


Also, house removals are quite expensive. This may be the case where one hires a moving company to do all the work as their charges are usually relatively high. One requires a lot of money to pay for transport of the house items as well as labor force involved. Extra costs are incurred where some of the majorly used furniture and utensils are lost, broken or damaged unintentionally as one could not do without them.

Need of a checklist

Moreover, a checklist is required. They are used to for instance utility checklist is used to inform various companies and persons that your home address has changed so that all the letters for you will be appropriately sent. They also help to ensure that all goods do not get lost in case one would forget may be due to move while in a hurry.

Hard to get the best removal company

Again finding a moving company with the best deal is usually a difficult situation. The mover with the lowest price quoted is not always the fairest deal. The prices charged may be low, but the quality of services offered poor. Moreover, there are very many corn companies that are there just to embezzle your funds. One needs to consult widely to acquire good services from the best company if at all they would require the moving done without much stress to them.

In conclusion, house relocation in Europe is essential and a part of life. One does not need to delay moving so as to reduce on the troubles that come with it. One only requires contacting house moving companies in advance that cater for all your needs relieving you of the stress. These companies have the know how to pack the various types of household goods hence one is assured that his/her items will be secure.