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Tips to keep in mind before changing desktops

It’s not useful choosing a beautiful, well-maintained and well-structured office, if at the end of the day, your customers will have trouble getting to you. Before changing your address, search for accessibility of the area, see the existence of transport lines in the neighbourhood, consider the distance from the point to the central area of ​​the city and also see the conditions of the road. Poorly sanitized areas, unpaved streets, and hidden locations on the map are never good options for setting up a business.

Business addresses are always the best alternatives when it comes to changing business location, because these areas tend to be more crowded and the infrastructure tends to be more conducive to business completion, precisely because of the concentration of people willing to buy. Commercial regions give businesses more visibility as well as being safer than quiet residential areas. To complete, they often have banks, as well as supply companies (cleaning supplies, office supplies, etc.) in their vicinity, which makes entrepreneurs gain time in their administrative routines.

Before preparing the change, it is necessary to consider whether the decision will not negatively impact the company budget. Perhaps the new rent is more expensive than the current one, but if it offers significant benefits, the cost-benefit of the change may end up compensating. But if the change of address causes additional costs, without adding any real advantage to the business, you need to reflect a bit more on the change and look for other address options.

It is important that you visit the desk for which you plan to change at different times. This way you will observe if the area is very noisy, if the traffic is intense and if the noise in the place can disrupt the activities of your business. For example, if your business is an aesthetic centre, customers want the least peace of mind to perform the procedures. In that case, the noise in the neighbourhood can get in the way.

Do not expect people to know about the change of address only when they face you at the old address. The ideal is to send a letter to current customers or even communicate them about the change over the phone. It is also worth doing a re-launch cocktail at the new address and invite the clients to attend the event. Use social networks and email to communicate the change to customers and suppliers. So you do not lose business and still prevent mailings and deliveries from stopping at the old address